Jim's Note:
One of those songs that come 'out of nowhere'. Of course, all songs come from somewhere, but understanding why a song appears at a certain time and place can often be quite elusive, and this was one of those moments.

Of course, the CEO in this song is a figment of my over active imagination. After all, CEO's are not like this in real life, are they?

Are they?



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A Modern Chief Executive
ゥ 2003, Jim Lesses. All Rights Reserved.
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I知 a modern chief executive, I wear a pin-striped suit,
I知 full of deep compassion, when I give someone the boot.
My I.Q. may be average, (when compared to my pay),
But the last time some poor fool did that, he was sacked without delay.

I知 a modern chief executive, I listen and consult,
I知 open to suggestions if it helps me get results.
And as long as you remember this, we値l get along just fine:
The idea may belong to you but the credit is all mine!

I知 a modern chief executive, a leader through and through,
When ever there痴 a job I hate, I delegate to you!
If you can稚 stand the pressure, I know it won稚 seem fair,
But at least when things go belly up the buck stops over there!

I知 a modern chief executive, male, middle-class and white,
Of course, we have good women here, but we keep them out of sight.
Except for my assistant, without her where would I be?
She is just so indispensable, and she makes perfect tea!


I am the leader, I am the boss,
If you don't like it, I don't give a toss.

I知 a modern chief executive, I get richer by the day,
My options are worth squillions, while you get basic pay.
I know it must be difficult, but tell someone who cares,
I致e got better things to do like go and count my shares!

I知 a modern chief executive, it really can be tough,
To make the hard decisions when things are getting rough.
Especially when we cut back, and we致e got to trim the fat,
But I guarantee, it won稚 be me, you can be quite sure of that!

I知 a modern chief executive, I知 really not that bad,
I had an awful dream last night you found out you致e been had.
So if one day I fall from grace, and you throw me out, what then?
I値l simply find another job and do it all again!

I am the leader, I am the boss,
If you don't like it, I don't give a toss...


JIM LESSES: American Dream

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