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NOTE: This song appears as part of the soundtrack to the video production, 'Celebrating May Day: The Activists Speak', launched on Friday, May 10, 2002. The video was produced by Avante Media for the South Australian May Day Committee.

The song was released on a limited edition three song CD-R called, Celebrating May Day: The Activists Speak also released May, 2002, by the South Australian May Day Committee.

American Dream is available online through FolkTrax (in Australia);
or through CDBABY (in the USA).

We Stand Together
2002, Jim Lesses. All Rights Reserved.
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G                                                Am
When government and boss conspire. We Stand Together!
       C                                               G
Well greet them with a union fire (when). We Stand Together!
G                                                     Am
When scabs and guards ignore our signs. We Stand Together!
       C                                                  G
Well face them with our picket lines (when). We Stand Together!

Am              C                           Am                   G
We Stand To-gether, through the darkness and the light,
Am              C                    F                        D
We Stand To-gether, and we wont give up the fight.
         G                                             Am
When workers struggle side by side, to win their rightful share,
     D                                                  G         C      G
We proudly raise our banners high, and join the union there.

When bosses try to cut our pay. We Stand Together!
United will we win the day. We Stand Together!
And when they shut the factories down. We Stand Together!
We know our rights, we stand our ground. We Stand Together!


When workers heed the union call. We Stand Together!
Its all for one, and one for all. We Stand Together!
When workers of the world unite. We Stand Together!
The world will tremble at the sight. We Stand Together!


G                                                  Am
When workers struggle side by side, to win their rightful share,
     D                                             G        C      G
We proudly raise our banners high, and join the union there.



JIM LESSES: American Dream

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