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Who’s Gonna Win?
© 1999, Jim Lesses. All Rights Reserved.
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Em                           C                        D
There’s a schoolgirl standin’ on the corner,
   C                                            Em
I guess she wants to pay her way.
                          C                      D 
I suppose somebody ought to warn her,
      C                                                     Em
But she just found a trick and turned away.

 D                                C
There’s a plastic tree in every window,
   D                                                   C6
A man in a crazy hat who’s lookin’ thin.
   D                                                           C
A fat man stuffed with pillows says it’s Christmas,
Em           Am                           Em
I'm taking bets. Who’s Gonna Win?

D / Em / Am / Am7

There’s a young man drinkin’ like it’s Friday,
There’s a young girl lookin’ for some coke.
I suppose if some one called out "Fire!",
They’d only laugh; think it was a joke.

There’s a man eatin’ chicken for his breakfast,
An old lady goin’ through his bin.
A man with a pistol looking desperate,
I'm taking bets. Who’s gonna win?

                        D                                           C

Who’s gonna win? It’s a rat race, it’s a jungle, it’s a war.
             D                                                                   C
As you struggle through another day, do you stop and ask, What For?
                   G                                             D
When you get up in the morning and super glue your grin,
             C                                           Em
Do you look into the mirror, and ask, Who’s Gonna Win?

D / Em / Am / Am7

Well, the plastic trees are shinin’ in the windows,
The crazy hat man shuffles with a grin.
The fat man dressed in red has lost his pillows,
And he now looks incredibly thin.

And the schoolgirl she is having an abortion,
A lady with a cross said, "It’s a sin!"
And I’m still standin’ on the corner,
Bets are off. Nobody wins.
D                                 Em
Bets are off. Nobody wins.
D                                 C6
Bets are off. Nobody wins.


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