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Stand and Defend
© 2004, Jim Lesses. All Rights Reserved.
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Em                                              C
We hate what you’ve done to this country,
            Am                                        Em
And we hate what you’ve done to our dreams.
      Am                                    C
We despise all your lies; the contempt in your eyes,
                  D                                                Em
When you think we have swallowed your schemes.


Em                                          C
You call on our sons and our daughters,

Am                                      Em

And you send them to fight in your wars.
Am                                        C

But your daughters and sons, never carry the guns,
D                                              Em
They are home, safe and warm behind doors.


Am                                      Em

We will stand and defend every freedom,
              Am                                  Em
That so many have fought for before.
             Am                                       C
We will not be denied; there are more by our side,
                 D                                           Em
They will help bring an end to your wars.

Weep crocodile tears for the fallen,
With a hand on your heart, call their names.
Then go back to your Boards; where you reap the rewards,
And treat us like pawns in your games.

But the blood of the dead is not fading,
Like a stain it is burnt on our hearts.
We remember each blow, and in time you will know,
We the people – demand a new start!


Am                                       C
We will not be denied; there are more by our side,
                        D                                            Em
And they will help bring an end to your wars.
No more war...  No more war...
No more war...  No more war...


JIM LESSES: American Dream

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