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Jim's Note: Very fast staccato style guitar playing on this. The asterisk (*) denotes Open strings. That is, your fingers do not touch any strings when you strum them.

Barbarous Rituals
1998, Jim Lesses. All Rights Reserved.
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Capo on 4th fret

D / A / * / A / D / * / D / A / D / Em
D / A / * / A / D / * / D / A / D / Em / E7

D    A  *   A        D    *
Peo-ple will choose you, and
D   A   * A      D    *
Use and a-buse you, then
D    A    * A    D   *D     A      Em
Cast you a-side like a seed on the wind.
D   A     *     A     D   *
You take your chan-ces, you
D  A *   A    D    *
Go to the dan-ces, you
D   A   * A     D   *      D   A       Em
Try not to care but youre ho-ping to win.

Dm                          C
I know Im smiling in all the right places,
Dm                                  E             E7
Youre eyes are dancing in far away spaces.
D   A       *   A  D       *   D   A *     D
We cruise the is-lands; for-get a-bout home,
D   A      *    A       D   *   D A       Em
But when we wake, we are al-ways alone.

Dm / C / E / E7 /
D / A / * / A / D / * / D / A / D / Em

I feel your heart beat, to
Music that pulses, but
Inside your arms I cannot feel the heat.
The choir sings with the
Voices of angels, but
Im not the one to sweep you off your feet.


D                                 Am
I take you home, and in Barbarous rituals,
D                                            Am             Em
We go through the motions, we strip and we sweat.
D                                Am
And in the morning, we make conversation,
D                                 E             E7
Avoiding the topic wed rather for-get.

D / A / * / A / D / * / D / A / D / Em
Dm / C / E / E7 /
D / A / * / A / D / * / D / A / D / E / E7

Two people searching, for
Their perfect partners, were
Looking for answers but do they exist?
Our feet are moving in
Different directions, they
Hide imperfections; we part as we kiss.


Dm / C / E / E7 /
D / A / * / A / D / * / D / A / D / E


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