Jim's Note: I started writing this song on Monday, November 20, 2000. In my original notes to this song I wrote:

"I was in the city today, walking along Rundle Street, and just as I was passing a travel shop, a couple of women walking in the opposite direction, also passed directly in front of the business. One of the women said to the other, 'Letís go to Buenos Airesí, and I immediately thought to myself Ė that sounds like a song title to me."

Clearly the theme of the song is about living in the moment, enjoying life to the full, taking risks, and being truly alive.

The song doesn't have a chord chart to go with it, because I haven't written a melody for it yet!

Letís Go to Buenos Aires
© 2000, Jim Lesses. All Rights Reserved.
Chord Chart currently not available

Letís Go to Buenos Aires, itís time to lose control,
Or letís go up to Rio, and dig ourselves a hole
That we cannot escape from, letís lay it on the line,
Letís stop and smell the roses, leave the rat race far behind.

Letís go to Acapulco, and lay out in the sun,
Letís go and taste the night life, come on letís have some fun.
You can rub my skin with peaches, while I cover you with cream,
To hell with chasing deadlines, itís time to live the dream.

Letís go to Buenos Aires, check out the local scene,
Then fly on up to Vegas, we can detour in between.
We can do it all on credit, leave the bankers to their fate,
Letís pack our bags this evening, tomorrow is too late!

Letís go all over Europe, we can do it all on bikes,
Weíll spend a week in Amsterdam, smoke dope along the dykes.
Weíll sail Aegean islands, swim naked in the sea,
Tomorrow we may have to work, but today, come on, be free.


Letís go to old Pamplona, for the running of the bulls,
Our friends will say weíre crazy, but they may be the fools.
Thereís more to life than living, this endless nine to five,
Throw caution out the window, for once, letís be alive!




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