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Fashion Pages
© 1984 & 1998, Jim Lesses. All Rights Reserved.
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F / G7 / F / G7 / F / G7 / Am / E
F / G7 / G / G7 / F / G7 / Am

C                  Am
Youíre so busy being trendy,
C                       Am
You donít see how bad you look.
C                       Am
You wonít find the Key to Life,
   C                      Am
Between the covers of a book. 

F                    G7
Fashion Pages laugh in triumph,
F                               G7         Am
They have caught you hook and line,
F                     G7
You can take or leave it brother,
F                    G7            Am
Ruin your life - donít touch mine.

Every season thereís another,
Superstar to show the way.
Do you think that if you follow,
You can brighten up your day?

Chorus: (sister)

TV advertising jingles,
Lock themselves inside your mind.
Do you have the strength it takes to
Turn and leave them all behind?

Chorus: (brother)

         G7     F         G7
In Vogue, Mode, Paris is beckoning,
F            G7     Am      E
Weíre all feeling Cosmo-politan.
F       G7        F         G7
Marie Claire is looking radiant,
F          G7        Am
Dancing into the night.


Every month a new beginning,
Every week another try.
Every day you think youíre winning,
But the mirror tells a lie.

Chorus: (brother / sister)



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