The Future is Yours
© 1989, Jim Lesses. All Rights Reserved.
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C                                        F
Iíll sing you a song thatíll make you feel happy,
    C                                     G7
Iíll sing you a song, and it says, "Youíre OK".
C                                    F
Sing you a song thatíll make you feel happy,
    C                                          G7                     C
So open your hearts and give thanks for the day.

F                                          C
You are the ones who belong to the future,
       G7                                      C               C7
The Future is Yours so hold on to the dream.
F                                    C
Never give up on the search for an answer,
G7                                     C
Problems are never as big as they seem.

C / F / C / F / C / F / C / G7 / C / G7 / C

Donít listen to cynics, donít listen to losers,
The prophets of doom are just waiting to call.
They blame one another, blame human nature,
Sneer and sit back, and then wait for your fall.


[Extra verse]
No need to be jealous, there is no need for envy,
No need to be bitter, there is no need for greed.
No need to be takers, no need to be schemers,
There is more than enough to fulfill every need.


So be a song maker, be a life dancer,
The life that you live is too short to be small.
Give it all that youíve got, take a shot, be a winner,
Hang on to your dreams thereís enough for us all.


And be a love giver, be a peace bringer,
The pleasure you find you know money wonít buy.
Be a health maker, a happiness singer,
Bring joy to the world and it will never die.



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