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Dance Like No-one Is Watching~
Lyrics, Chords & Sound Files

Jim's third album, Dance Like No-one Is Watching, will be released some time in 2006. Jim is currently recording these songs at his home studio. As each song is completed, an audio sample will be added here, so check back regularly to see what has been added to the site. Alternatively, join Jim's mailing list, and we will let you know each time a new song has been added to the site.

A note about the quality of the sound files. In order to save space on our server, most sound files are recorded at 32Kbps. This not only keeps the sound files small, but by reducing the size of each file, it ensures you spend the minimum amount of time waiting for each song to download to your computer.

At the time of writing this, Jim has yet to decide which songs will make the final release of Dance Like No-one Is Watching. Most of the songs listed below, should be on the album - but you never know... Depending on what Jim writes between now and the release of the album, there could be several new titles here taking the place of those currently listed.

NOTE: Some of the sound files included here are live recordings, demo's, and rough drafts. 

Lyrics & Chords MP3 Sound Files
Baby, I Click to Listen
Barbarous Rituals  Click to Listen
Dance Like No-one is Watching  Click to Listen
Dance The Night Away
No chords available ]
Not Available
Fashion Pages  Click to Listen
Good Days, Better Days  Click to Listen
I Have To Dance  Click to Listen
I Call Your Name  Not Available
Til The Morning Comes Click to Listen
It's Not Love  Click to Listen
Letís Go to Buenos Aires 
No chords available]
Not Available
Miss Julie Click to Listen
Some People  Click to Listen
The Future is Yours  Click to Listen
The Stars Are Singing Click to Listen


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