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The Software
When I first started home recording my generic PC clone was running Windows 98SE as the operating system. Since upgrading the system I am now running Windows XP Pro.

My original recording software of choice was the shareware version of Cool Edit Pro. Since Adobe bought Syntrillium, the company the first developed Cool Edit, I have been using Adobe Audition, the name Adobe gave to the re-badged Cool Edit.

In Australia, the product sells for around $AU700. I sincerely hope it does not go the way of other Adobe products which sell closer to the $AU1500 mark (and more), in this country.

In Addition, I have also accumulated an assortment of other software products, suitable for recording or manipulating audio. Many of these are available for free with computer music related magazines such as the British publication, Computer Music, or via the Internet as freeware or shareware. One of the best websites with links to many of these applications is Home Recording.Com, which also has a wealth of information worth browsing through. 

Another great site which hosts a wide range of forums is SYNTH ZONE. While this site does not deal directly with home recording, many of the forums discuss the use of keyboards and synthesizers in the home recording environment.

By the way, the Adobe Audition site also has a very active user forum that is worth searching through if you are having a problem using Cool Edit/Audition.

In fact, typing "home recording" into any search engine will call up thousands of pages about this fascinating topic.


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