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Home Recording Diary
Tuesday, June 22, 2004

What does wanting to be eight again have to do with home recording? Well, I'm glad you asked.

Most adults are terrified of making mistakes. Even worse, they are terrified of making mistakes in front of other people and appearing foolish as a result. In my experience, people can be divided into two general categories, those who read the manual first, and those who like to work things out for themselves. I like to work things out for myself.

Kids don't have time for manuals. They like to work things out for themselves, and I'm with the kids on this one. Kids are fearless. They will try anything, and keep trying until they have mastered or understood the problem that is the the focus of their attention.

They will try and fail, and try again, all the while learning with each 'failure'. And that is the approach I have taken with my music, and with the process I have been undertaking as I've set about recording, and self-producing my second album.

Be as a child, I keep saying to myself. Approach the task with a sense of fun and adventure. If you make a mistake - who cares? No-one needs to know apart from you. If an idea works - keep it. If it doesn't - throw it out and try another one. 

Each day in front of your computer should be an adventure, an opportunity to explore your environment (computer, software, recording gear, the creative process), with the same wide eyed wonder a child might - as if you were seeing it for the very first time.

I have lost count of the number of times I have sat alone, laughing out loud in delight because I have often, quite accidentally, discovered a software feature I was previously unaware of, or created a new sound that was just perfect for a song I was working on at the time.

Be as a child!  

Every time you sit down to create something, infuse the creative process with a sense of joy and excitement. I promise you, it can't help but show in your recordings and production.


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