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Listen to an MP3 of a short (6 1/2 minute) interview Jim conducted on Saturday, May 21, 2005, on the Adelaide station, Radio Adelaide, with Folk Show presenter, David Long. Or click here to read a transcript of the interview...
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Home Recording
Two simple words that could provide the key to creative independence for struggling, unsigned artists everywhere. 

Yes, folks. For just a few thousand dollars, and countless hours in front of a computer, you too can produce a classic album that will take the world by storm! 

Well, that's the promise, anyway. The reality of course, is far more different. But first a bit of background...

I have been writing songs for over 40 years. While I may have fantasized about becoming in international recording star in my youth, the fact is, I didn't have what it takes to follow through and achieve that dream. In deed, for most of those 40 years I kept my songs to myself, and wrote them only as a means of self expression. 

Then in 1996 I decided to start performing my songs publicly. To my delight, I found that audiences responded to many of the themes and questions I expressed in my music. The only logical thing for me to do after several years of public performance was record some of my personal favourites, and songs that I knew audiences liked as well.

I hired a great producer who booked studio time, and hired a bunch of talented session musicians who helped bring my music alive in a way I had not thought possible. In July, 2002 (after spending around $AU5000), I released my debut CD, Sometimes I Wake Up Naked.

Around the middle of 2003 I decided to start working on my second album. Unfortunately, I no longer had the money to pour into a producer, studio, or session musicians for the follow up recording. If I was going to release another CD, I would have to do all the work myself. And that's how my second album, American Dream, came about. 

But that's another story, some of which you can read about on my Home Recording Diary pages.



JIM LESSES: Sometimes I Wake Up Naked

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JIM LESSES: American Dream

Go straight to CD Baby and order the CD...

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