The Story Behind The Song

I have no idea where this came from, except to say that the trigger for it may have been a video of a segment from the British show, Britain’s Got Talent, in which a 16 year old girl appears with her border collie performing a routine to music which is quite astounding to see.

Other than that, I was sitting by myself having dinner at Paskalia’s Kafeneio (or Zac’s café as I prefer to call it), on the Greek island of Ikaria, and the song literally popped into my head and started writing itself.


Note: although the chord chart shows an 'F' I always play the Fmaj7 shape shown above.

Had Me A Dog (Sandy)
© 2008. Jim Lesses. All Rights Reserved.
Words & Music: Jim Lesses.

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C                                   Em
I had me a dog, and I called her Sandy,
Am                             F
She was smart, and she was handy.
C                        Em  Am
Chasing rabbits over Bunker hill,
F                                     G7
Catching salmon by the Franklin Mill.

C                                      Em
She was smarter than a ten cent preacher,
Am                       F
Smarter than my high school teacher.
C                        Em  Am
Count to ten – that ain’t no lie,
F                                               G7
Jump three feet, and catch a passing fly.

       F                    C
But old Sandy’s dead and gone,
E                          Am
Left me here to sing this song.
     F                        C
Reminding me of lazy days,
And all my rough and rowdy ways.


I had me a dog, and I called her Sandy,
Spun her tales of men and brandy.
Of wild, wild women, and whiskey too,
But I can’t help thinking she always knew.

We’d sit by the fire, and I’d read her stories,
Call of the Wild, and dime store glories.
When I sang her favourite song,
You should’ave heard Sandy singing along.

But old Sandy’s dead and gone…

I had me a dog, and I called her Sandy,
I loved to feed her lock-jaw candy.
She’d grin and chew, then grin some more,
And leave me rolling on the kitchen floor.

She wagged her tail at friends and strangers,
Always warned of hidden dangers.
But the night she found that rattler-snake,
Was poor old Sandy’s last mistake.

Now, old Sandy’s dead and gone…

I had me a dog, and I called her Sandy,
She was smart, and she was handy…



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