Jim's Note: A song which began out of nothing on September 23, 2002. 

On Monday, July 21, 2003, for no logical reason what-so-ever, I started singing it to myself again as I was taking a clientís dog for a walk. 

Since I didn't have a notebook with me I picked up a scrap of paper from the footpath, and re-wrote the first verse and added the second before Iíd returned with the dog to the client's unit.

It Wasn't Very Funny at The Time
© 2003, Jim Lesses. All Rights Reserved.

Iím a singer-songwriter, thatís why I look like this,
My life is very serious, so donít you take the piss,
It isnít always easy when your heart is on your sleeve,
So listen while I bore you with my very latest peeve.

I used to be quite regular, but that was long ago,
I blame the lightning bolt which struck me in the arse, and so
Ever since that day my turds have had a funny glow,
- It wasnít very funny at the time!

Some girl was trying to park her car inside this tiny space,
I said, If you can do that, girl, you can punch me in the face,
I donít know how she did it, but I have to wear a brace,
- It wasnít very funny at the time!

And did I tell you of the day, I got to meet the Queen?
If only they had warned me, I would not have eaten beans,
My bowel was uncontrollable, it was really quite obscene,
- It wasnít very funny at the time!

Last month this may surprise you, I had hair down to my knees,
But I caught it in a blender when I bent my head to sneeze,
Now when I eat my CrŤme Broulť, it tastes like furry cheese,
- It wasnít very funny at the time!

I found a little pussy, it was soft and slightly wet,
Imagine my delight to find the owner was a vet,
Before too long we fell in love, now Iíve got a wet vet to pet (groan),
- It wasnít very funny at the time!

So now youíve heard my tales of woe, it wonít be a surprise,
If the man that stands before you now is older Ė even wise,
I know you think itís funny now, but Iím not telling lies,
- It wasnít very funny at the time! (You can say that againÖ)
- It wasnít very funny at the time!


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