Love Like a Waterfall
© 2000, Jim Lesses. All Rights Reserved.
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G                         D
I stand before you a desperate soul,

G                           D
Iím at your mercy, my lifeís in a hole.

C                               G  
Show me the way to be, all I was meant to be,

D                         C               G   
This empty vessel is caught on a shoal.

C                            G
Love like a waterfall, floods over me,
D                                G             G7
Washing my sins away, setting me free.

         C                             G
In my hour of darkness, you know where I am,

       D                           C                 G
Your love like a waterfall, cleanses the lamb.

I know that you can see all of my pain,
All of my losses, and all of my games.
All of my weaknesses, these be my witnesses,
Lighten my burden, unshackle these chains.


Iím at the crossroads, which way should I turn,
I need a guide, this is no time to spurn.
This is my destiny, right here in front of me,
Open my eyes, I am ready to learn.

CHORUS twice

       D                            C                 G
Your love like a waterfall, cleanses the lamb.


NOTES: This is a good example of 'honoring your Muse'. When I first started writing this song I knew immediately it was a 'Gospel' song. Quite frankly, I was shocked. The idea that I was even capable of writing such a song seemed incredible to me. I initially thought about turning it into a standard love song and obscuring the religious overtones, but then I realized I was not being true to the song, or honoring my Muse. If my Muse wanted to bring me a Gospel song, then by God, I would write it down -- and this song is the result.
~ Jim Lesses


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