The Mississippi Princess
© 2008. Jim Lesses. All Rights Reserved.

C / Em / Am / Dm / Dm7 / G7 //

                              Em           Am
He went to town on the Mississippi Princess,
                             Dm7                      G7
He walked around like he owned the whole shebang.
    C                         Em                 Am
met her down near Market Square; said, “I really like your hair”,
            Dm7                   G7
Said he also liked the way she sang.

                          Dm7                   C7           / C6
She looked at him and said, “Say, don’t I know you?”
      Dm                      Dm7      Em
“Are you that preacher I saw on T
     Dm                   Dm7                   C7          / C6
He turned away and said, “Why don’t I show you?
      Dm                      Dm7            G7
You know the truth will only set you free.”

She worked the bars and alleyways ‘til morning,
Selling guilty pleasures for a fee.
And any man who had the time, was free to buy her cheap red wine,
And maybe even take her out for tea.

The warning bells inside her head were ringing,
When he fell on to one knee and began to pray.
Then he took her hands in his and started singing,
“Too late,” he sang, “too late to walk away.”

He led her into Mississippi water.
His eyes were rolling back inside his head.
And ten feet from the riverbank, he held her down until she sank,
Onto that Mississippi riverbed.

The voices that he heard were speaking backwards,
When he was young they made no sense at all.
He used to hear them living in the back woods,
Where he first went to answer Jesus’ call.

He cleaned his hands, and sang hymns ‘til the evening,
Then Jesus walked him back to his hotel.
And there upon the unmade bed, they found her severed, bloody head,
And swore they’d send the preacher straight to hell.

He said the Lord had sent him as a warning,
That he killed only people who had sinned.
When they hung him by the river in the morning,
His final words were lost upon the wind.

He went to town on the Mississippi Princess…



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