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The Bitter Heart
© 2006, Jim Lesses. All Rights Reserved.
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CAPO on 2nd fret (D)

C                                Em               / Am
The bitter heart can not be seen,


By hidden lens or TV screen.

C                             Em                    / Am

Nor can the bitter heart be bought,


By liars in a bankrupt court.

F                                    C
The bitter heart won’t feel the touch,

G7                     C7

Of reason as it seeks to clutch,

F                      C

At every little hurt and blame,

G7                                  C

That helps to feed the burning flame.

The bitter heart may lose its soul,
When men feel they have no control.
And so they seek a martyr's fate, 
Forever breeding fear and hate.

The bitter heart may join the cause,
That drag the faithful into wars.
And trap the faithless deep in mud.
And soak them in their tears and blood.

Am                                Em
The bitter heart may turn to ash,
Am                                        G7
When flesh explodes and hatreds clash.
Am                                Em
But even though the flesh is gone,
F                                G7
The bitterness will linger on.

/ C / Em / Am / G7 // C / Em / Am / G7 /

The bitter heart will start to mend,
Where ignorance and fear both end.
Where power and the laws reflect,
A world where all live with respect.

Where love and peace, and trust abound, 
Where hope, and future dreams are found.  

It’s not too late to make a start – 
To seek to heal the bitter heart.

F                              C

It’s not too late to make a start – 

G7                                   C 

Reach out and heal the bitter heart.


Jim's Note: My first song for 2006, completed on Friday, 13th of January. I was reading The Big Ideas of 2006 edition of AdBusters (Jan/Feb., 2006, #63, Vol.14., No.1), and read a piece by Dr. Arthur Kroker called, Can Surveillance Detect a Bitter Heart? 

Dr. Kroker writes, in part: 
“…invisible to the eye of the camera, the bitter heart cannot be detected by technology nor seduced by wealth and power. Its loyalties already belong to different political regimes…”

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