Jim's Note: This song goes right back to 1974/75 when I was living in London. It was triggered by a book I read at the time (the name of which escapes me now), that documented in words and pictures, the sorry history of capitalism's many crimes against people around the world. Crimes committed no doubt in the name of progress, freedom, democracy, and other high and noble ideals. What shocks me 30 years later, is the realisation that the sentiments expressed in the song are just as relevant now as they were back then.

The song was originally called,
The Golden Age, a title that was clearly meant to be tongue in cheek, given the scope of the horrors inflicted by Capital against humanity.


The Future Is Theirs
© 1974 & 2005, Jim Lesses. All Rights Reserved.
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In an age that is cursed by a system that’s burst,
  and rotten through to the core.
That refuses to die and continues to try to govern,
  rancid, and sore.
Expect nothing better than shackles and fetters
  that hold you and keep you in check.
That seize and mistreat you, and thoroughly beat you,
  a burden around your neck.

With a job to be done, find a man with a gun,
  pay him well and he’ll do what he can.
Everywhere to be found, in the air, on the ground,
  he can work very well to a plan.
With an army too quiet, prepare for a riot,
  you’ve got to keep them amused.
Keep them happy today, and tomorrow they’ll play,
  just hope they don't rape and abuse.

In so many nations, find death from starvation,
  poverty is just for the poor.
Illiteracy rising, the masters despising,
  afraid they may ask for more.
Through puppets and whores, wage colonial wars
  in the interests of profit and greed.
Repressed by the gun, there is death for the one
  who dares to demand to be freed.

When democracy fails, you will find them in jails
  and camps, surrounded by seas.
Using terror and torture, repression and murder
  to beat people onto their knees.
In a thousand more ways, they control everyday,
  you cry - there is naught you can do.
So just close your door, like you have done before,
  you know they won’t come for you.

They will plan the demands, and in place you will stand
  every minute means more to be made.
Whether young man or girl, they will make your life hell,
  and the younger - the less you are paid.
Exploitation and discrimination
  are common enough to be rules.
They can take you and make you, or leave you and break you,
  because you are nothing but tools.

To help win the plan, every woman and man
  is allotted their place in the sun.
Everything will be fine, if you stay in the line,
  the target is there to be won.
When racism rumbles, the rational crumbles
  and ignorance comes to the fore.
By division and rule, the wise man and fool
  is kept from the rich mans door.

So wallow in violence, crime, sex, and drugs,
  drink a bottle or two.
Stand on the corner kicking your heels, well,
  what else is there to do?
You were taught in school to obey all the rules,
  there is trouble for those who don’t bend.
So do not criticize, believe all the lies,
  this wonderful system won’t end.

While you live in a vacuum, and rot in the backroom,
  others are fighting the strife,
From a world of disorder, they’ll build one of order,
  peace, progress, and life.
Where the colour of skin is a beauty, not sin,
  and language is there to be heard,
Where life is for living, and pleasure for giving,
  and poverty only a word.
Where education and leisure, are worth more than treasure,
  and work is not governed by cares,
Where all folk hand in hand, united will stand,
  and know - the future is theirs.


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