The Story Behind The Song
[Saturday, June 9, 2007]

Earlier this week I was listening to one of the Greek programs on EBI radio, and they played a song with a really interesting structure. Essentially, each verse of the song had only two lines, but each line was repeated in reverse...
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Waiting For The End
© 2007, Jim Lesses. All Rights Reserved.
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C                    F
Man gets lucky; ten millionaire,
            G7                           F             C
Now he’s looking at the poor folk way down there.
Man gets nervous, and hides his cash,
G7                               F        C
Outside they’re all waiting for the crash.

Am                            / Em
Waiting for the big one,
Am                              Em
Waiting for the house to fall.
F                                 G7 / Em
Waiting for the house to fall,
F                    G7     C
Waiting for the end to come.

Stupid little rich girl, she’s a world wide joke,
If she ever had respect, it went up in smoke.
When she filmed herself having sex in bed,
In London, or New York, or Paris they said.


And that Great Leader is on TV,
Kissing all the babies, saying, “Vote for me.”
But, babies don’t vote; they just cry!
So long Great Leader, wave bye, bye.


You see that actress? She smokes crack!
She had it all, but now she’s giving it back.
The house and cars; designer clothes,
One by one they’re going up her nose!


Is anybody listening? Does anybody care?
Mother nature’s screaming; yeah, yeah, yeah.
We’ve got CSI Miami; Oprah; Dr Phil;
Celebrity Big Brother. Shut-up and take your pill!




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