When I Was Younger
© 1997, Jim Lesses. All Rights Reserved.

When I Was Younger, my head was snowed under
With anger and bitterness burniní.
I kicked over traces, and played all my aces, and
This cowboy wasnít for turniní.
I ran from the law, didnít like what I saw, I said,
Something has got to be given,
While some take the pain, others break with the strain,
Buddy, donít say you call this thing liviní.

I killed my first man, with a blow of my hand,
And it left me with ten years in prison.
when I made my escape, after twelve months of rape
It was too late for getting of wisdom.
Whether banker or train, hell, I used them for gain,
It was all there just for the takiní.
But itís too late to stop, when youíre set for Ďthe dropí
Buddy, you know the law isnít fakiní.

Yippee ti yi yo get along little doggies,
Can you give me one reason to stay?
As a man out of luck, this is one little buck
That is gettiní right out of the way.
I'm a man out of time, thatís been living on crime,
And Itís just about come to the end,
Iíve got nothing to show, and I know when I go,
There ainít one here that I can call Ďfriendí.

Itís an old cowboyís lot, waitiní for the last shot,
In the hot sun or cold winter raininí.
I will fight if I must, like I eat saddle dust,
You know, thereís little point in complaininí.
You set your own sail, when you choose the lone trail,
Itís a life full of cheatiní and lyiní.
Iíve been dealiní in blows; I guess God only knows
If Heís listening now to my dyiní.


I was faciní the sun, when I went for my guns,
I was going out barrels a-blaziní.
When I fell in the street, there was blood at my feet,
And I lay there and said, Itís amaziní.
For too many years I have shadowed my fears,
I have never stopped once to confront them.
And now here I lay and theyíre fading away,
And I wonder why I never dumped them.



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