Who's Singing Jim's Songs... ?
As you may have already discovered, Jim has provided full lyrics and sound files, as well as chord charts for all the songs on his albums. Why? To make it as easy as possible for musicians and singers to learn and perform his songs. 

Below we list those performers who have taken the trouble to contact Jim and let him know they are learning and singing his songs. If you too are learning and performing one or more of Jim's songs. Let him know, and we will add your name and a link to your website (if you have one).
Performer / Location Song/s
Mike Brown, Adelaide I Want to be Eight Again
Lucas Loizou, Adelaide I Want to be Eight Again
Crosswinds Presbyterian Church, Phoenix, Arizona Dance Like No-one is Watching 
Peter Day & Adrienne Lovelock, Adelaide The Crying Ground
Will You Still Love Me Then?
Phillip Bromley, Adelaide Carry Me Over
Ray Melton, Adelaide I Want to be Eight Again
Paul Roberts, Adelaide The Ballad of Billy Winter...
Jewelled Mat (Julia Norman & Matthew Lykos), Adelaide Dance Like No-one is Watching 


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