The Story Behind The Song
This just came completely out of the blue as I was leaving work for the day. Within minutes I had written three verses, and in no time at all, I had four verses down before I got home.

When I did get home, I sat down at the computer and started retyping the song, and making changes as I went along. From time to time, I had to refer to an online rhyming dictionary for words that rhymed with fashion, spacious, fading, and arthritis. The song was started at around 4:15pm and was finished by 7:00pm!

The song is best performed as a duo, with male and female sharing each verse and joining together for the chorus.

Interestingly enough, Iíve been getting creative vibes throughout the past few days, and my head has been full of potential songs. This will hopefully be the first of several new ones.

~ Jim Lesses
(September 21, 2006)

Will You Still Love Me Then? 
© 2006, Jim Lesses. All Rights Reserved.
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When I get old and grumpy,
C           F                        C
When my hair grows thin and clumpy,
C           F                   C
When my shape is mostly dumpy,
Will you still love me then?

Will you say it doesnít matter,
             F                           C
When my chest hangs low and flatter,
             F                    C
When my teeth fall in the batter,
Will you still love me then?

Though itís long gone out of fashion,
       F                   C
I will love you with a passion,
That will leave you spent... [pause for effect]
... and ashen,
      G7               C
Yes, I will love you then.

When I try to be Clark Gable,
Chase you around the kitchen table,
Even though Iím barely able,
Will you still love me then?

Will you sigh and say, Oh God, No!
When I pout like - Brigit Bardot,
Although I look like - Inspector Poirot,
Will you still love me then?


When my memory is fading,
And my hips both need upgrading,
When my bowels keep on blockading,
Will you still love me then?

Will you cry or will you chuckle,
When my waistline starts to buckle,
When I waddle like a duck-le,
Will you still love me then?




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