Carry Me Over 
© 2006; Words: Deirdre Anna Mills & Jim Lesses. All Rights Reserved.
© 2006; Music: Jim Lesses. All Rights Reserved.
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G                                      C
Build me a boat that will carry me over,
D                                 C                 G
Far from the trials of mortar and pen,
Shelter my spirit from life’s tribulations, 
D                                       C              G
Bathe me in stillness and joy once again.

D                                    C                 Em
Carry me over these uncharted waters,
  D                                           C                     G

Away from the troubles of heart and of mind.
D                                    C                       Em
Lead me on gently to that peaceful haven,
D                                                 C               G
Where all of my burdens are left far behind.

Set free the anger that adds to my torment,
Comfort this body that weathered the storms.
Cure my afflictions, and cast out the demons,
Immerse me in waters, that leave me reborn.


Grant me a blessing to lighten the journey, 
Bid me farewell as I travel back home.
Join in the dance; there will be celebrating.
Sing me a song, and I won’t walk alone.


D                                     C               G

All of my burdens are left far behind.


About the song: 
This song was created from a short poem titled
Safe Harbour, written by my friend Deirdre Mills.

Carry me over unquiet waters,
Away from troubled heart and mind.
Gently lead me to that haven
Where all hurt’s left behind.

I was immediately taken with the verse and could see the possibilities for a song. Deirdre was happy for me to have a go, and this song is the result. The first verse of the song echo’s a line from the traditional song The Water Is Wide, (‘bring me a boat that will carry two…’), while the chorus reminds me of Gandalf’s trip to The Grey Havens at the end of Tolkein’s, Lord Of The Rings. Definitely, a song about death, and passing over to the other side.

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