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Note: The songs and lyrics accessible from this page are here because they have not yet appeared on one of Jim's albums, nor are they scheduled to do so at this time. Those songs that are already available on CD (or soon to be so), have their own separate songs, lyrics and sound files pages on this web site. Use the links under The Albums... area of the menu on the left, to access that material. 


Unless otherwise specified, the Copyright for all songs published within this Internet Web Site are held by Jim Lesses and the unauthorised copying, publishing, or performance of these songs is strictly prohibited. Note the accent on 'unauthorised'. Jim is more than happy for people to sing these songs, after all, that is why he has provided the lyrics, and in many cases, chord charts and sound files (we're adding the rest as fast as Jim can record them). All he asks is that you contact him first and let him know.

Actually, Jim would be even happier if he could sing them to you himself. If you want to book him for a show, visit the Bookings Page now.

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A Cup of Tears 

 Not Available

Not Available
A Train To Catch   N/A N/A
Around Soho   N/A N/A
Baked Beans and Grits   N/A N/A
Be Still  N/A N/A
Be Your Alibi  N/A N/A
Bitter Tears N/A N/A
Blood On The Mountain N/A N/A
Carry Me Over  Carry Me Over  Click to Listen 
Don't Let Her See You Crying  N/A N/A
Ever Since I Met You   N/A N/A
Every Time I Close My Eyes  N/A N/A
Everybody Loves You  N/A N/A
Four In The Morning  N/A N/A
Had Me A Dog (Sandy)  Had Me A Dog (Sandy) Click to Listen
Hark! The Merchants Laugh...  N/A N/A
I Don't Remember Who You Are  N/A N/A
I Fell In Love With You Again...  N/A N/A
I Just Can't Wait  N/A N/A
I Remember  N/A N/A
I'm Drinking Myself Into an Early Grave  N/A N/A
Iron Crosses (a poem)  N/A N/A
In The Shadow of The Eucalypts  Chord Chart Click to Listen
It Started With A Kiss  N/A N/A
It Wasn't Very Funny at The Time N/A N/A
Just a Touch of Your Hands  N/A N/A
Life’s Too Short  N/A N/A
Love Like a Waterfall  Love Like a Waterfall Click to Listen
Lullaby Lullaby  Click to Listen
Make The Cowards Run  N/A N/A
Missing You  N/A N/A
Monuments  N/A N/A
Ned Kelly’s Tea House   N/A N/A
Never Too Late  N/A N/A
New York Song N/A N/A
So Pretty In The Garden  N/A N/A
Standing In The Shadows  N/A N/A
Teach Only Love Teach Only Love  Click to Listen 
The Bitter Heart  The Bitter Heart Click to Listen 
The Dark & Rolling Sea N/A Click To Listen
The Future is Theirs  N/A Click to Listen
The Future is Yours  The Future is Yours Click to Listen
The Gates of Hell  N/A N/A
The General  N/A N/A
The Gift  N/A N/A
The Journalist's Prayer  N/A N/A
The Land of Cotton  The Land of Cotton  N/A
The Lost Lover  N/A N/A
The Media-go-round  N/A N/A
The Mississippi Princess N/A N/A
Trivial Pursuit  N/A N/A
Waiting For The End  Waiting For The End Click to Listen
Walking Into Doors  N/A N/A
Weeping  N/A N/A
We Have a Dream   N/A N/A
When?  N/A N/A
When I Was Younger   N/A N/A
Will You Still Love Me Then? Will You Still Love Me Then? Click to Listen
Your Turn to Roll The Dice  N/A N/A


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