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Night Falls Over Manhattan
© 2001, Jim Lesses. All Rights Reserved.
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F#m D    Em  D    Em
Night  Falls Over Man-hattan,
Em7 Em   D    Em             D    /Asus
And    an -- gels soar into the sky.
F#m D      Em       D   Em
Stars  shine down on the city,
Em7 Em        D Em             D
As     God wipes a tear from His eye.

      Em                           D
The dead and the living are walking together,
        Em                         D     /Asus
They tremble in awe at the sight.
Em                         D
Skylines are falling as angels are calling,
      Em                    A      /Esus
And vanishing into the Light.

Night Falls Over Manhattan,
As sorrow embraces the land.
Stars shine down on the city,
As courage and fear make a stand.

Hate is an evil that walks in the shadows;
Dream of a future that lives.
Peace is a beacon that lights up the darkness,
And Joy is a world that forgives.

E                             D
Night Falls Over Manhattan again,
E                           A       F#min
Hope is alive on the wi --- ing.
E                                    D
Faith is the essence that binds us, and then,
B7                              A
Love is the song we all sing.


Night Falls Over Manhattan,
And Angels soar into the sky.
Stars shine down on the city,
As God wipes a tear from his eye.
God wipes a tear from his eye.

          F#m    D
Night…   Falls...



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