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Sometimes (I Wake Up Naked)
© 1999, Jim Lesses. All Rights Reserved.
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Am                                    Fmaj7
Sometimes I wake up naked, I smile at the sight I see.
G7                                            Am
Sometimes I touch the mirror, and I wonder if thatís me.
Am                                             Fmaj7
Sometimes I run from the sunshine, avoiding the shadow behind.
G7                                                   Am
Sometimes I want to go deeper still, but worry at what I find.

Am                                      Fmaj7
Sometimes I stand in the open, expose myself to friends.
G7                                             Am
Sometimes I crawl into corners, and wait for the fear to end.
Am                                                  Fmaj7
Sometimes I laugh at the questions, but still I collect my prize.
G7                                              Am
Sometimes I cry at the answers, and shake my head at the lies.

Am                                      Fmaj7
Sometimes I wake up naked, sometimes itís only a dream.
G7                                                       Am
Sometimes I have to hold my breath, or else I have to scream.
Am                                                    Fmaj7
Sometimes I think you donít know me, sometimes I know you do.
G7                                                             Am
Sometimes I donít want to know myself, but that would never be true...oo
maj7 G7     Am
Ooo...    Ooo... Ooo...

Sometimes I wake up naked, I play the helpless fool,
Sometimes I feel my body breaking underneath the rules.
Sometimes I join in the struggle, by answering the calls,
Sometimes I make my great escape, by scaling over walls.

Sometimes I call out slogans, I follow the party line,
Sometimes I keep my mouth tight shut, when every word is mine.
Sometimes I stand at the edges, and look at the rocks below,
Sometimes I just want to clip my wings, when every voice says, Go!


Sometimes I wake up naked, I look for a place to hide.
Sometimes I peek behind the mask, and wonder whatís inside.
Sometimes I think Iím transparent, Iím the Invisible Man.
Sometimes I think Iím drowning, when I do the best I can.

Sometimes I kiss the sweet faÁade, so delicately thin,
Sometimes I hate the monster, that lives just under skin.
Sometimes I stand in the limelight, and cover myself in gloss,
Sometimes I lie in the darkness, and weep at the terrible loss.


Am                                 / Fmaj7 / G7 / Am
Sometimes I wake up naked!


JIM LESSES: Sometimes I Wake Up Naked

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