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The Crying Ground
© 1999, Jim Lesses. All Rights Reserved.
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Capo on 3rd fret

Am                   C                      Em           Am
I hit the highway running, from the girl I left behind,
                               C                 Em                        G7
She could have seen it coming, but I guess sheís not that kind.
Am                         C                        F                    G7
Thereís nothing left between us, but this highway out of town,
        C                    Am                      E                 Am
And a thousand other back roads, leading to the crying ground.

I should have told her something, as I walked out of the door,
But anything I had to say, had all been said before.
I closed the door behind me, and I did not make a sound,
I just headed down the highway, leading to the crying ground.


            F        G7             Am               Em
And Iím cry-y-ing, for the dreams I left behind,
F        G7            Am                  E
Cry-y-ing, for the shadows in my mind,
F                       G7                    F                          G7
Shadows I donít understand that cause my head to pound,
            C                           Am                    E                   Am
And they chase me down the highway leading to The Crying Ground.

A thousand words lie on my lips, but still I can not find,
A way to say ĎI love youí, without crossing over lines.
I donít know where Iím coming from, and I donít know where Iím bound,
Iím just heading down the highway, leading to the crying ground.


Am                F              G7                         Am                      Em
And there are faces I re-member, that have called me to their side.
F                    G7                         Am              E
But how can I em-brace them, when I only run and hide?

F       G7     / Am / Em
F        G7    / Am / E
F / G7 / F / G7 // C / Am / E / Am

The highway goes forever, it feels good to be alive,
Tyres go on singing underneath the overdrive.
I turn my radio up loud, and I cover up the sound,
Of me heading down the highway, leading to the crying ground.


Am                   C                      Em             Am
I hit the highway running, from the girl I left be-hind...


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