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Unless you are purchasing the actually CD, you will not get the album's 12 page booklet which contains liner notes and full lyrics. If you are considering downloading every song, you'd get better value if you purchase the whole album from one of the sites listed to the right, or direct from CD Baby.

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Purchase Individual Songs 

Apple iTunes is now selling individual songs from Sometimes I Wake Up Naked for just US$0.99 cents each. Alternatively, you can purchase the full album via iTunes.

Click on the iTunes button to go directly to the Sometimes I Wake Up Naked page at the iTunes store.

 Sometimes I Wake Up Naked
Buy Sometimes I Wake Up Naked at the iTunes store...

NOTE: You will need to download a copy of the iTunes player before you can access individual songs. Click on the download button to begin this process. 
WARNING: The iTunes player is approximately 30Mb in size, so you will need lots of time and patience if you are using a dial up connection to download the application.

 Download iTunes
Download the iTunes player...

The album is also available direct from Jim himself; a couple of local Adelaide based retailers; and online through FolkTrax (Australia)..., and through Jim's other online retailer, CD Baby (in the USA, and it's online resellers).

You can also purchase individual songs from Jim's album for as little as $US0.65 cents each at a wide range of online outlets. These include well known companies such as Sony and Microsoft, as well as less well known but just as reputable businesses. The most you will pay per song is $US1.00. Of course, you can also buy the album (or download it) from some of these sites as well.

To purchase songs you will need a credit card account. You will also need to register online with your company of choice. You can purchase as little as one song, or all eleven songs.

Note: Each downloaded song will be in the form of a high quality MP3 sound file. While it will initially download to your computer hard drive, you are free to burn it to a CDR for your own personal use.

All of the sites listed above have 30 second sound files of each song. Personally, we recommend that you go to the Hear The Songs page on this site and listen to the full sound file for each song there. 

You can also read the lyrics to all the songs, and view their chord charts as well.


JIM LESSES: Sometimes I Wake Up Naked

Go straight to CD Baby and order the CD...

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