From the recording Sometimes I Wake Up Naked

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About The Song
On July 18, 1998, I wrote in my notes to this song: "I have been reflecting on the broken promises of politicians, and other people in authority. I have also been thinking about faithfulness or lack of it; love or broken love; and the abuse, especially physical abuse, that men visit upon their partners. I have been thinking about power, and the abuse of power in all its manifestations ..."

Whew! There was a lot I wanted to get off my chest that day, and this song gave me on opportunity to express some of it.

As I began to write the song it became clear to me that the person singing the song was a woman, and that to do the recording and the song justice, I would need a female to take the lead vocal. I was delighted when my friend Jane Barr agreed to perform the song, and even more delighted with the final result.
~ Jim Lesses

JANE BARR (lead vocal); JIM LESSES (guitar); JOHN MUNRO (mandolin); DON HOLDERNESSE (bass guitar); RICHARD TONKIN (accordion).



Is This The Promise?

© 1998, Jim Lesses. All Rights Reserved.


Is this the promise that you made,

When you looked deep into my eyes?

When you held me tight in your arms?

When you pressed me close to your side?

Is this the ode to love we sang,

Watching the blood-red sunset fall?

As we held hands along the beach?

I don’t remember them at all.

You keep me trapped inside this dream,

I wake up crying in the night.

My lips afraid to voice the scream,

Pretending it will be all right.

You hold the power in your arms,

And leave me dying on my cross.

Is this the magic spell you wove?

You do not understand your loss.


You led me to another place,

I’ve never been this way before.

You hide the truth behind a mask,

And keep me locked behind your door.

What is the reason for your fear?

Where is the faith behind your test?

What is this need to keep control,

And kill the love within my breast?


You are the keeper of my fate,

You lead me dancing by a thread.

Sweeping away the broken dreams,

Fearful of every word you said.

I keep on praying for a change,

Searching for pathways in between.

Looking for answers in your eyes,

Mourning the love that might have been.