From the recording Sometimes I Wake Up Naked

About The Song
The terrorist destruction of the World Trade Centre on the morning of September 11, 2001, was the catalyst behind this song. There are many possible ways of trying to capture in song, the horror and enormity of this act: From the victims point of view; From the point of view of the terrorists; From the 'casual' observers point of view - that is, mine, all the way from Australia, and many others. In the end, as always, the song chose its own point of view, and wrote itself.

I asked Trish Smylie to take the lead on this because I didn't think I was able to perform it the way I could hear it in my head. It was, and remains, a decision I am more than happy with.

TRISH SMYLIE (vocals); DON HOLDERNESSE (piano, keyboard); HUGH GORDON (violin); JACK BRENNAN (Uilleann pipes).



Night Falls Over Manhattan

© 2001, Jim Lesses. All Rights Reserved.

Night Falls Over Manhattan,

And angels soar into the sky.

Stars shine down on the city,

As God wipes a tear from His eye.

The dead and the living are walking together,

They tremble in awe at the sight.

Skylines are falling as angels are calling,

And vanishing into the Light.

Night Falls Over Manhattan,

As sorrow embraces the land.

Stars shine down on the city,

As courage and fear make a stand.

Hate is an evil that walks in the shadows;

Dream of a future that lives.

Peace is a beacon that lights up the darkness,

And Joy is a world that forgives.


Night Falls Over Manhattan again,

Hope is alive on the wing.

Faith is the essence that binds us, and then,

Love is the song we all sing.

Night Falls Over Manhattan,

And Angels soar into the sky.

Stars shine down on the city,

As God wipes a tear from his eye.

God wipes a tear from his eye.

Night… Falls...